Wallonia Travel Guide

Wallonia Travel Guide

The Walloon Region  (in French“Wallonie”) is one of the three official regions of the Kingdom of Belgium alongside the Flemish Region and the Brussels-Capital Region. The major language is French. German is also spoken by a minority in the east. The capital of wallonia is Namur. Other major cities include Liège, Mons and Charleroi.

5 Provinces

Just like flanders, Wallonia is divided up into 5 provinces:

Brabant Walloon

Popular Travel Destinations in Wallonia

Public Transport in Wallonia:

Busses and tram lines in Wallonie are operated by TEC. It’s advised to buy your tickets in advance, since on-board tickets are much more expensive. If you have a MOVIB travel pass, it will come in handy, but alternatively you can buy tickets in presale at the SELF-ticket vending machines you will find at trainstations or across big cities.

Just like in Brussels and Flanders are Single tickets valid for 60 minutes. Within this time period you can change lines unlimited. After the 60 minutes you can continue your ride towards your destination. If you need to change lines again, you need to buy a new ticket.
For more information check the Belgium Public Transport Guide: http://www.belgiumtravel.info/en/belgium-public-transport-guide/

Nature in Wallonia:

Bayehon Waterfall

Valley of the Hoëgne
High Fens
Ninglinspo Waterfalls

Gastronomy and local Specialties:

There are many specialties in the Walloon gastronomy. Besides the well-known fries, waffles and chocolates there are over 300 cheese variations and endless special beers to taste.

  • Liège Waffels
  • Sirop de Liège
  • Chimay Trappist Beer
  • Orval Trappist Beer
  • Rochefort Trappist Beer