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Flanders Fields

Flanders Fields is the common name for the World War I battlefields in the provinces East-Flanders and West-Flanders. From 1914 to 1918 Flanders Fields was a major battle theater. More then a million soldiers from 50 different countries got injured or killed in battle. Entire cities and villages got destroyed with their population on the run for shelter. Today the region is filled with large cemeteries and memorial sites, remembering us of the past.

How to visit flanders fields

The most convenient way to visit Flanders fields is by car. Visitors from the UK can choose between the channel tunnel or a ferry crossing to France. Once you arrive in France, it’s only a one hour drive to Flanders Fields.

Visitors who don’t have their own means of transportation can take a train to Ypres instead.

Flanders Fields Tourist Map

Popular destinations at Flanders Fields:

Tyne Cot Cemetery

“Trenches of Death”