Climate and Weather

Climate in Belgium

Belgium has a temperate martitime climate  with usually cool winters and comfortably warm summers. 


From april to may you can expect maximum temperatures to range between 10°C and 15°C. You can experience some beautiful sunny days, but it can also get rainy and windy. A sweater and raincoat are advised. 

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Belgium summers are comfortably warm with max temperatures sometimes rising over 30°C. 


In Autum (or Fall), the maximum temperatures usually range around 8°C. to 14°C.The autumn colors will become eye-catching and vibrant, making it the perfect opportunity to go outdoors for a hike in the dense Ardennes forests with beautiful streams and waterfalls. 



December, Januari and Februari are the coldest months in Belgium with max temperatures around 5°C. There are averagely 15 days of snowfall in Belgium, with up to 30 in the Hoge Venen. The snowsports season varies each year, but generally runs from December untill Februari.