Discover Antwerp City

Sightseeing in Antwerp

Most attractions are within walking or biking distance from each other. But you can also get around the city with the trams and busses of De Lijn. Alternatively you can take a city tour in the tourist tram, cariage ride or trolley bus.

Getting around in Antwerp

Busses and Trams are operated by “De Lijn”.  Bus and Tram tickets cost 3€ and are valid for 60 minutes. Within this period you can change lines as much as you want. After the 60 minutes you can continue your ride to your destination, but you can’t change lines anymore unless you purchase a new ticket. Day passes cost 5€ on pre-sale or 7€ on board. 3 day passes cost 10€ on pre-sale and 12€ on board

Antwerp Tourist Map