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1024px-frituur_fries_frikandel_mayo_curry_ketchupThere are countless fastfood stands and restaurants in Belgium serving fries as fastfood. In dutch they are called “Frituur” or “Fritkot and in french they are called “Friterie”. Traditionally they are served in a white cone shaped paper, but often also in a cardboard tray.  Fries are often eaten with 1 or 2 meat snacks. The most popular are frikandel and gehakbal.
There are many different sauces to go along the fries and snacks, depending on the region. Most popular are mayonaise and ketchup. The Belgian mayonaise is more sour then sweet and can’t be compared with other mayonaise.




Belgium is the land of the chocolates. In big cities there are many dedicated chocolate-shops offering various special chocolates and pralines in different price ranges. The most popular brand for pralines is Leonidas. Belgians often buy them as a gift for various occasions.

If you don’t want to spend that much money, you can find various mass-produced belgian chocolates of high quality in supermarkets as well. You will be amazed by the variety they have to offer. Popular brands are Côte D’or.