Visiting Belgium by Car

Belgium has a dense network of modern toll-free motorways, but some secondary roads in Wallonia are poorly maintained.

Hiring a car:


Parking in big cities:

In many cities parking fees may apply. In some area’s parking is restricted for only inhabitants or just a minimum of time. Watch out for the parking signs. Parking fees can be bought by cash at the parking meter, or by SMS. Instructions can be found on the parking meter.

Tip: When booking a hotel, informing about the parking policies might save you a lot of trouble or money.

Parking Lots:

Many big cities have special (underground) parking lots. Payment terminals mostly accept cash, debit and credit cards.

Park & Ride:

Watch out for Park & Ride parking lots near the city you’re visiting. The are often free or charge a minimum parking cost and have excellent connections with the local public transport system.