About Belgium Travel Info

Welcome to Belgium Travel Info, my insiders guide about traveling in Belgium. My name is Bert and I’ve lived in Belgium for my entire life. In the past, I worked many years as a courier in Belgium. Every day I would cross the country and end up in a new city. This not only gave me the opportunity to visit most cities in my country, it also developed my passion for traveling and my interest in photography.

This website was started back in 2016 and has been slowly but constantly evolving ever since. As the name suggest, the focus lies mainly on the informational part. In every article I try to cover all questions I had to google myself + everything that would be relevant for foreign travelers whilst letting the images speak for themselves.

In order to pay for the hosting of this website, my time updating it and allowing me to travel to new destinations for future updates, you’l find some sponsored links on this website. By clicking on these sponsored links, I get the opportunity to earn a small revenue. This will have no impact on the price you’ll pay when making a certain booking, reservation or purchase.