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Camping in Belgium


Camping grounds:

We Belgians, including myself, absolutely love to go camping. That’s good news for you as well, since we have countless camp-sites spread out across the country. Locally refer to them as “camping” in both Dutch and French. Most campsites are open from around April till October, but you might find some that may remain open the entire year long, offering basic services.

Prices for the cheapest campsites start around 8-12€ per person when traveling with a tent. Travelers with RV, motorhome or caravan will generally have to pay about 15-30€ per night for 2 persons. Off-season it might be cheaper.

During my many years of camping in Belgium I’ve used different sources to find the best campsites. In recent years however Google Maps has proven to be the easiest resource for finding campsites on specific destinations.

ASCI – Eurocampings is a great source to find quality camping grounds throughout Europe, with 141 ASCI checked campsites in Belgium. These are usual family-campings aimed at longer stays.

Camper / Motorhome Travels in Belgium:

In many Belgian cities it’s prohibited to spend the night in your vehicle on public roads. However designated motorhomeparkings, or ‘camperplaatsen’ in dutch, are widely available across the country. They often come with the needed facilities such as water and electricity, however emptying your toilet is in most cases free of charge. Prices to spend the night range from free up to 25€ / night depending on the location.

There are plenty of websites to search for these motorhome parkings or ‘camperplaatsen” as we call them in Dutch. Lately I’ve been using park4night to find a place to spend the night when I’m traveling with my campervan.

I would like to urge everyone to keep these free camper parkings clean and not dump your garbage or toilets into nature. There are plenty of motorhome service points as wel as garbage disposal points available.

Wild camping in Belgium

Wild camping is officially forbidden in Belgium. You’re only allowed to camp on designated campsites. Therefore setting up your tent or hammock in the forest or in the dunes is forbidden and when caught you risk to get a fine for it.

It should be mentioned that open fires as well are strictly prohibited in Flanders and all Walloon nature reserves and forests. Does that mean you’re restricted to official camping grounds whilst backpacking or cycling through Belgium? Not exactly, there are a few alternatives for slow travelers who need accommodation for the night.

Bivakzones / Paalkampeerterrein:

There are 38 bivakzones or “paalkampeerterreinen in Dutch”, located in the middle of nature, closely to some long distance hiking or bicycle routes. These are meant for travelers by foot or on bicycle. You are allowed to camp there for 1 night if you respect the rules.

These bivakzones or Paalkampeerterreinen don’t offer any facilities. Mostly there’s only room for maximum 2-3 tents and it’s not possible to make a reservation. To avoid mass tourism, these locations are only shared in a few good walking or cycling guides.

Log cabins / Trekkershut:

Some nature parks but also regular camping grounds have cozy log cabins available. Generally they are for 4 people and cost around 40-50€ per night in total. The dutch word for it is “Trekkershut” and just like the bivakzones, they are suitable for travelers by foot or on bicycle for a single night stay.

Welcome to my garden:

Welcome to my garden is a project for slow travelers who search for a place to put their tent and camp for the night. If you’re planning to travel by motorized vehicle, please do not contact hosts via this platform.