Flights to Belgium

Are you planning to book a Flight to Belgium? Then this guide will help you find the cheapest fares for both European and Intercontinental flights to Belgium

Belgium international airports overview

Flights to Belgium
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Belgium has 5 international airports for passenger flights. The major 2 airports are Brussels-Zaventem (BRU) and Brussels-Charleroi Airport (CRL).

BRUBrussels – Zaventem AirportBrussels
CRLBrussels South Charleroi AirportCharleroi
LGGLiège AirportLiège
ANRAntwerp international airportAntwerp
OSTOstend – Bruges AirportOostende

Brussels Airport (BRU):

Brussels -Zaventem Airport is Belgium’s main airport. Before the pandemic, it served a capacity of over 26 million travelers a year.

The Brussels Airport railway station is located right underneath the airport. Minimum 4 trains every hour link to Brussels South Station, where international high speed trains depart across Europe. There are also direct trains to Antwerpen, Ghent, Bruges, Leuven, Mechelen, and many other cities.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL):

Located 46km (29mi) South from Brussels, Charleroi’s airport is Belgium’s second international airport. The airport is a hub for low budget companies Ryanair and TUIfly.

The shuttle bus (Airport Express) connects the Charleroi Airport with the Charleroi Railway station. There’s a train connection running to Brussels South railway station every 30 minutes. The total train ride to Brussels takes about 47 minutes. You can buy a combiticket for the shuttlebus and train in the terminal.

Finding cheap flights to Belgium

When traveling to Belgium from outside the EU, but also within, it’s always a good idea to compare prices with flights to neighboring countries such as the Netherlands or Germany in order to find the cheapest ticket prices possible. The airports of London, Amsterdam, Paris, Dusseldorf, Köln and Frankfurt have excellent connection to Belgium thanks to the high speed train lines.

Direct flights from the UK to Belgium

Travelers from England can choose out of London Heathrow, Liverpool or Manchester to book a flight to Belgium. Any flight from England to Belgium will bring you on your destination in 1h25 or less.

Travelers from Scotland can use Ryanair for a direct flight from Edinburgh to Brussels-Charleroi that will bring you there in 1h40.

Brussels AirlinesLondon HeathrowBrussels-Zaventem1h10
British AirwaysLondon HeathrowBrussels-Zaventem1h10
Suisse AirLondon HeathrowBrussels-Zaventem1h10
LufthansaLondon HeathrowBrussels-Zaventem1h15
Brussels AirlinesManchesterBrussels-Zaventem1h25
Last update: September 2022

Direct flights from Ireland to Belgium

Currently there are only 2 airlines operating a direct flight from Dublin to Brussels. Both airlines will bring you from Ireland to Belgium in less then 1h45

Aer LingusDublinBrussels-Zaventem1h45
Last update: September 2022

Direct flights from France to Belgium

Travelers from France can book a direct flight to Belgium from Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux and La Rochelle. Please note there are no direct flights from Paris to Brussels. Instead the Thalys train brings you there in 1h20.

RyanairMarseille (MRS)Brussels-Charleroi (CLR)1h40
Brussels AirlinesMarseille (MRS)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)1h45
RyanairToulouse (TLS)Brussels-Charleroi (CLR)1h45
Brussels AirlinesToulouse (TLS)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)1h40
RyanairBordeaux (BOD)Brussels-Charleroi (CLR)1h35
RyanairLa Rochelle (LRH)Brussels-Charleroi (CLR)1h25
Last update: September 2022

Direct flights from Germany to Belgium

Travelers from Germany can book a direct flight to Belgium from Berlin, München or Frankfurt-am-Main. These direct flights from Germany to Belgium will bring you there in maximum 1h20.

RyanairBerlin (BER)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)1h30
Brussels AirlinesBerlin (BER)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)1h20
LufthansaBerlin (BER)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)1h20
Brussels AirlinesMünchen (MUC)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)1h20
LufthansaMünchen (MUC)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)1h20
Brussels AirlinesFrankfurt-am-Main (FRA)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)0h55
LufthansaFrankfurt-am-Main (FRA)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)0h55
Last update: September 2022

Direct flights from Italy to Belgium

Travelers from Italy can book a direct flight to Belgium from Milan, Venice, Perugia and Triëst. Flights from Italy to Belgium bring you to your destination in 1h30 up to 1h55.

RyanairMilan (BGY)Brussels-Charleroi (CRL)1h30
RyanairPerugia (PEG)Brussels-Charleroi (CRL)1h55
RyanairVenice (VCE)Brussels-Charleroi (CRL)1h35
Brussels AirlinesVenice (VCE)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)1h40
RyanairTriëst (TRS)Brussels-Charleroi (CRL)1h40
Last update: September 2022

Direct flights from Switzerland to Belgium

Travelers from Switzerland (Suisse) can choose for a direct flight from Genève to Brussels-Zaventem airport. There are 3 airlines connecting both European cities in 1h15 mins; easyJet, Brussels Airlines and Swiss Airlines.

easyJetGenèveBrussels-Zaventem (BRU)1h15
Swiss AirlinesGenèveBrussels-Zaventem (BRU)1h15
Brussels AirlinesGenèveBrussels-Zaventem (BRU)1h15
Last update: September 2022

Direct flights from the United States to Belgium

Travelers from the United States can book a direct flight to Belgium from New York, Washington D.C and Chicago. These direct flights from the United States to Belgium bring you to your destination in 7u30 up to 7h55. Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa offer flights on all these routes, alongside American Airlines, KLM, Air France and Swisse Air.

Can’t find a direct flight to Belgium from the state you’re departing? Then consider searching for a direct flight to London, Paris or Amsterdam instead and travel the last bit on a High Speed Train to Belgium.

Brussels AirlinesNew York City (JFK)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)7h35
Virgin AtlanticNew York City (JFK)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)7h40
KLM AirlinesNew York City (JFK)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)7h40
Air FranceNew York City (JFK)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)7h40
LufthansaNew York Newark (EWR)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)7h10
Brussels AirlinesChicago (ORD)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)7h55
LufthansaChicago (ORD)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)7h55
United AirlinesChicago (ORD)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)7h55
Brussels AirlinesWashington D.C. (IAD)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)7h40
LufthansaWashington D.C. (IAD)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)7h40
United AirlinesWashington D.C. (IAD)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)7h40
Swiss AirlinesWashington D.C. (IAD)Brussels-Zaventem (BRU)7h40
Last update: September 2022