Flights to Belgium

Brussels-Zaventem Airport (BRU)

Brussels-Zaventem Airport (BRU) is the main airport in Belgium, serving the capital city of Brussels and the surrounding regions. It is a hub for several major airlines, including Brussels Airlines, Delta, and Turkish Airlines. The airport is located just 12 kilometers northeast of Brussels city center, and is easily accessible by train, bus, and car.

Brussels-Zaventem Airport (BRU)

Airport Amenities

Brussels-Zaventem Airport welcomes travelers with a wide range of amenities such as duty-free shopping, delicious restaurants and cafes, currency exchange options, and various ground transportation options. In addition, the airport offers several lounges for passengers, including a VIP lounge and several airline lounges.

Travel tip for when departing on Brussels-Zaventem Airport: Bring an empty bottle and fill it up with clean drinking water at the Free Water Island, just after security screening.

Transportation to and from Brussels-Zaventem Airport

When it comes to transportation, Brussels-Zaventem Airport offers several options for travelers to easily reach the city center or other destinations.

Trains to and from Brussels-Zaventem Airport

One of the most convenient ways to get to and from the airport is by train. The Brussels Airport railway station is located right underneath the Departure and Arrival Halls of the airport (level -1), making it easy to catch a train to your destination. The station is served by up to 6 trains per hour, linking the airport to all major Belgian cities and beyond.

Train ticket fares from and to Brussels Airport

Below is an overview of the standard ticket fares from Brussels Airport to several popular touristic destinations.

DestinationPrice (€)
Brussels Central9.90€
Antwerp Central12.60€
Ghent Sint-Pieters16.70€
Train ticket fares from and to Brussels-Zaventem Airport (BRU)

Please note that when traveling from Brussels-Zaventem Airport, an additional Airport Supplement of 5.70€ per journey, called Diablo Tax, will be charged on top of your regular railway ticket. This fee is implemented to cover the costs of the airport-specific infrastructure and is included in the listed prices above.

Find out more about the Diablo Fee on this link:

Taxi Services at Brussels Airport

For those looking for a taxi, Brussels Airport offers multiple options. You can find official airport taxis at the designated taxi stands located outside of the Arrivals hall. These taxis are regulated by the airport and have fixed rates to different destinations. Additionally, you can book a taxi in advance through a number of companies or through ride-hailing apps such as Uber. Keep in mind, while taking a taxi can be a convenient option, it may be more expensive than using public transportation.

It’s always recommended to check prices and compare before making your decision.

Car Rentals at Brussels Airport

Lastly, for travelers who prefer to have their own vehicle during their stay in Belgium, car rentals at Brussels Airport are a great option. You’ll find several car rental companies located within the airport terminal, including well-known brands such as Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt. These companies offer a variety of car classes to suit different needs and budgets, from economy cars to luxury vehicles. The rental process is quick and easy, and most companies have a 24-hour return service. Some car rental companies also offer pick-up and drop-off services to and from the airport. Renting a car at Brussels Airport allows you to explore Belgium’s charming cities and picturesque countryside at your own pace.

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Brussels-Zaventem Airport is a modern and efficient airport that offers convenient access to the rest of Belgium and beyond. The airport is served by several major airlines, and it is easy to get to and from the airport by train, bus, or car. With its excellent transportation links, Brussels is the perfect starting point for exploring Belgium and its many attractions.