East Flanders

Region: Flanders
Capital: Ghent
Language: Dutch

The province of East-Flanders (Oost-Vlaanderen in Dutch) is located north-west of Brussels.

Ghent is the capital of East-Flanders. The historical city has a rich variety of architecture, arts and culture.

Other smaller cities are Aalst, Sint-Niklaas and Dendermonde. The eastern part of the province, part of the Flemish Diamond, is more densely populated than the western part.

Events in East-Flanders:

  • Aalst Carnaval: Traditionally on sunday and monday before ash-wednesday, large carnaval processions will parade on the streets of Aalst.
  • Ronde van Vlaanderen: Flanders’ most important cycling race of the year is organised in April with start and finish in “Oudenaarde”.
  • Lokerse Feesten: is a large music festival organised in Lokeren, traditionally at the end of July / beginning of August.