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Hoge Kempen National Park

The Hoge Kempen National Park (Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen) is the first National Park in Flanders, Belgium. It is located in the East of the Province of Limburg and it’s territory spreads out over 10 municipalities including As, Bilzen, Bree, Dilsen-Stokkem, Genk, Lanaken, Maaseik, Maasmechelen, Oudsbergen and Zutendaal covering over 12.000 ha. The landscape is mostly heatland and pine forests. More then 440 km of walking and biking paths allow visitors to explore the beautiful landscape all year round. During August and September it’s blossom-time at the “Mechelse Heide”, converting it to a beautiful purple landscape.

Entry Gates:

The national Park counts several Entry Gates. They are easy accessible by local public transport and offer plenty of parking space. Although you can enter a large part of the park from several other locations as well, these entry gates are often the best point to start your walk or bike-ride, due to their location and connectivity with the many hiking and biking routes.

Hoge Kempen National Park Map:

Hiking at National Park Hoge Kempen

The National Park Hoge Kempen is an excellent destination for both short as long distance hikes. Each of the entry gates offer several short distance hiking routes. But there’s more. Since June 2022 the park has opened up it’s long distance hiking trail, with an entire length of 110 km and the guarantee you wont see any buildings or traffic for at least 100km!. The entire trail can be hiked in 4-5 days. Accommodation is available along the trail in forms of hotels, b&b’s, campsites, vacation parks etc..

For more information about the long distance hiking trail, check the park’s website:

Camping at National Park Hoge Kempen

Wildcamping inside the park is strictly forbidden. However there are some camping grounds close to the entry gates.