Introducing Riemst

Region: Flanders
Province: Limburg
Language: Dutch

Riemst is located at the border of Holland near Maastricht. The area is famous for it’s ancient underground limestone quarries. The small village of Kanne is known for being one of Belgian most beautiful little towns. It’s a very small peaceful town , just next to the busy town of Maastricht. The unique landscaped area is perfect for walking or biking enthusiasts.

Local Specialities:

Grottenbier – A tastefull beer that is stored in the limestone quarries
Rijstevlaai – Bakery Smets is famous for it

Things to do in Riemst:

Visit the town of Kanne
Visit the limestone quarries of Kanne

Things to do near Riemst:

Visit Fortress Eben-Emael
Visit Maastricht
Go shopping in Maastricht