Valley of the Hoëgne

The Hoëgne is a 30km long side river of the Vesder river. The source of the river is near “Mont Rigi” in the High Fens. The stream flows trough Hockai, Solwaster and Polleur and ends in the river Vesdre in Pepinster.

Hiking in the Valley of the Hoëgne:

Starting from the villages of Hockai and Solwaster, you can make several beautiful hikes in the valley of the Hoëgne.

The most beautiful hiking trail starts in Jalhay and is called “Promenade de la Hoëgne: Foam at the feet of the High Fens”. To reach the parking place, you actually have to drive your vehicle through the river.

The hiking trail is approx 11km long, with a few possibilities for a shortcut. Follow the blue crosses on a white background. Good walking shoes are required since the route follows a rocky and quite slippery terrain. After heavy rainfall, waterproof shoes are definitely a must!