Autumn at the Bayehon Waterfall, High Fens

Bayehon Waterfall

The Bayehon waterfall is a 9-meter high waterfall located in the Waimes municipality of Belgium. It is claimed to be the second most important waterfall in Belgium after Coo and considered the most beautiful waterfall in Belgium. The waterfall is situated on the Bayehon stream, which rises in Neûr Lowé Fen and hurls itself into the depths as a waterfall in Longfaye

  • Autumn at the Bayehon Waterfall, High Fens
  • Autumn at the Bayehon Waterfall, High Fens
  • Autumn at the Bayehon Waterfall, High Fens


The Bayehon waterfalls are located in the High Fens region, near the village of Longfaye, municipality of Weimes, in the province of Liège.


The Bayehon waterfall can only be reached on foot, via forest trails with wooden bridges. Good walking shoes are required due to the rocky terrain. The trails can become quite muddy and slippy after periods of rain or snow.


Finding a parking spot can sometimes be tricky during the autumn weekends. There are limited parking spots next to the Route de Bayehon, near the Moulin the Bayehon. Alternatively you can park your car in the village of Sourbrodt or near the Club de Ski Alpin d’Ovifat and start your hike from there.

Best time to visit

Due to the beautiful forests and nature, the Bayehon waterfalls are worth a visit all year long. However during summer, specially after periods of drought, the water level can be pretty low.

Autumn is by far the most spectacular time to visit the Bayehon waterfalls due to the colored leaves. However during winter, after the snow has melted or after periods of heavy rainfall, the waterfall will be at it’s strongest power.

Bayehon Waterfall during a dry summer

Hiking Routes

There are several marked hiking routes leading to the Bayehon waterfalls. Of course you can also create your own route. From the starting point at “Moulin de Bayehon” you can choose between a red route of 9km, and a green route of 12.5km.