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Reinhardstein Castle

Reinhardstein Castle

Reinhardstein Castle is located in the High Fens region, in the municipality of Robertville. The stronghold was build in 1354 and got nearly destroyed in the 19th century. Currently the castle is inhabited but visitable for tourists.

Reinhardstein Waterfall

Aside from the castle and it’s beautiful surroundings, the area of Reinhardstein has another lovely hidden feature: The highest cascade in Belgium (approx 60m). However as spectacular as it sounds, it’s only a narrow stream of water, and you’re unable to see it’s entire height. In order to reach the Reinhardstein waterfall, follow the hiking trail that leads down into the valley.


Accessibility and Parking

Reinhardstein Castle is accessible by car via “Chemin du Cheneux”. It’s a small bumpy road leading there. Limited parking places are available at roughly 600m from the castle entrance. Larger motorhomes beware:don’t drive past the first parking or you’ll have difficulties turning back around. Alternative parking can bij found near “Barrage du Robertville” along “Route du Barrage”. From there it’s a 1.5 km hike

The terrain is rough with lots of rocks on the ground. Good walking shoes are required if you plan to hike in the area.