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Signal de Botrange

Signal de Botrange

The Signal de Botrange is the highest point in Belgium, located in The High Fens. At 694m the location is the top of a broad plateau. For several decades the location was used for a meteorological installation. The stone tower was build to allow visitors to reach the altitude of 700m. Nowadays there is a bar/restaurant. At the other side of the road you’ll find a viewing platform, offering a lovely view over the High Fens landscape. Close by the Signal de Botrange, you can find an information centre called “Maison du Parc-Botrange”.

Location and parking

Le Signal de Botrange is located at the heart of the High Fens region, at 50km south-east of Liège.

Panoramic view

Panoramic view near Signal de Botrange
Panoramic view near Signal de Botrange

Just across the road, opposite of the Signal the Botrange, there is a panoramic viewing point. From here you have an excellent view of the unique landscape of the High Fens.

Signal de Botrange visitor center

The visitor center “La Maison du Parc Botrange” is located 1.5km south-east of Le Signal de Botrange. Here you can find all information you need for exploring the beauty of the natural park.

Currently there’s also a temporary exposition about “wolves in Belgium, which is interesting for both kids and adults.

Hiking trails at Signal de Botrange

Both the parking of Signal de Botrange, as well as the parking of the visitor centre “Maison du Parc Botrange” are excellent starting points for your hikes. There are several routes available, covering various distances ranging from short walks to long hikes. You can find trail maps at the visitor centre.

Tips for hiking at Signal de Botrange:

  • Bring enough water and snacks
  • Do not leave the hiking trails!
  • Always check the weather and dress accordingly.
  • Don’t make any open fire
  • Respect the nature and its surroundings

Skiing at Signal de Botrange

Snow covered landscape near Signal de Botrange

When thinking about Belgium, you might not think about skiing. However when it snows in Belgium, most of the snow will fall in this area. The high fens region has several alpine skiing and cross country skiing clubs, that open their doors as soon as the conditions are right.

At Signal de Botrange there are no big slopes, so it’s not suitable for alpine skiing or snowboarding. However the cross-country skiing tracks are a fun and fantastic way to explore the region during snow.

When the conditions are right, the cross country skii tracks will be opened. Gear rental will be available on the parking of Signal de Botrange. For more info check the website of Ski Botrange.


In conclusion, Signal de Botrange is a unique destination for nature lovers and hikers in the Belgian Ardennes. With its stunning views, diverse flora and fauna, and numerous hiking trails, it’s a must-visit location in the area. By following these tips and being mindful of the environment, visitors can enjoy all that Signal de Botrange and the Hautes Fagnes nature reserve have to offer.