The Giant’s Tomb

Le Tombeau du Géant (The Giant’s Tomb) is a panoramic lookout point overlooking on of the meanders of the Semois river in the village of Botassart near Bouillon. It’s a great location to include in your road-trip or hike.

Origin of the name

The name originates from the legend of a local Gallic hero who must have been quite tall and strong. He refused to get captured by Roman soldiers and die in the arena of the Colosseum, so he threw himself off the cliffs of Rocher des Gattes. The next day the villagers of Botassart found his body and buried him on top of the hill.

Accessibility & Parking

The Giant’s Tomb is accessible by car. From Bouillon it’s a 15min drive. There are several free parking places available, however it can be crowded during the Belgian summer holiday season. Motorhomes are allowed to park there during the day, but it’s not allowed to spend the night on this parking.

There is a bus from Bouillon to the village of Botassart, but it takes generally up to 40 minutes to get there. From Botassart to The Giants Tomb it’s a 20minute walk.

Location of the Giant’s Tomb

Hiking to the Giants Tomb

Le Tombeau du Géant is a beautiful destination for a medium hike from Bouillon. The total distance of the hike is about 13km.

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