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Belgium City Pass: 5 passes to explore

Belgium City Pass: museumPASSmusées

For those traveling from the EU and looking for an all-in-one Belgium City Pass, the museumPASSmusées is a hidden gem that offers access to 220 museums and is valid for an entire year. It’s a well-kept secret that many international travelers overlook. However, there’s a catch: the official website is available only in Dutch or French, which can be a hurdle for foreign visitors. To make matters slightly more complicated, online registration is required.

A whopping extra included are 5 vouchers for 50% reduced train tickets to your destination. However you’ll need to apply for them online.


museumPASSmusées Prices

The museumPASSmusées costs 59€ and is valid for an entire year.

Is the museumPASSmusées worth it?

Despite its user-unfriendly nature for foreign tourists, the museumPASSmusées can be a fantastic deal, especially if you plan to visit at least 5 of the participating museums within the upcoming year.

Where to buy the museumPASSmusées?

Please note that the museumPASSmusées is only available for residents in the EU.

  • Online on the official site (Only in Dutch or French)
  • At the desk of any participating museum

When you buy the physical pass at a museum, you can use it twice before being required to register it online.

Brussels City Pass: The Brussels Card

Let’s begin with the bustling capital of Belgium, Brussels, where the Brussels City Pass, also known as the Brussels Card, is an excellent choice for travelers. With this pass, you gain access to a whopping 49 museums in Brussels. Additionally, you have the option to add unlimited access to public transport to your card, making your city exploration all the more convenient. It’s important to note that a visit to the Atomium is not included in the standard price and must be purchased separately. Fortunately, the Atomium option with the Brussels Card offers reduced ticket prices and immediate access to the Atomium itself.

Brussels Card Prices

The Brussels City Pass is available in various duration options:

  • Brussels 24-Hour Card – €32 + €8 for unlimited public transport access
  • Brussels 48-Hour Card – €42 + €15 for unlimited public transport access
  • Brussels 72-Hour Card – €49 + €19 for unlimited public transport access

Is the Brussels Card worth it?

The decision depends on your travel plans. On average, ticket prices for most museums in Brussels range from 10 to 15 euros for adults. Therefore, the Brussels Card becomes cost-effective if you intend to visit 3 museums in a day, 4 in 2 days, or 5 in 3 days. Keep in mind that the Brussels Card does not offer discounts for children, seniors, or individuals with disabilities, whereas various museums do provide discounted tickets.

Where to buy the Brussels Card?

  • At the Visit.Brussels Desk at the Grand Place or Mont Des Arts
  • In the Visit.Brussels App
  • Online via diverse vendors

Bruges City Pass: Musea Brugge Card

The Musea Brugge Card gives you free access to 13 museums in Bruges, during 72 hours. With this card you can visit most famous artworks from painters like Van Eyck, Magritte and Memling.

Musea Brugge Card

Musea Brugge Card Prices

  • Standard rate: 33€
  • Youth (18-25yo): 25€
  • Youth (13-17yo): 17€

Where to buy the Musea Brugge Card?

  • At the official Museumshop (Dijver 16, Brugge)
  • Online at Musea Brugge
  • At most of the participating musea

Antwerp City Pass:

If your travel plans take you to the charming Antwerp, you’ll definitely want to consider the Antwerp City Pass. This pass grants you free access to 16 museums, 3 monumental churches, and 3 other attractions in the city. Furthermore, it includes complimentary use of public transport, making it effortless to navigate the city.

Antwerp City Pass

Antwerp City Pass Prices

The Antwerp City Pass is available in different duration variants:

  • 24 Hours – €45
  • 48 Hours – €55
  • 72 Hours – €65

Where to buy the Antwerp City Pass?

  • At the Visitor Centre at Het Steen or at the Antwerp Central Station
  • Soon also available online

Check the official website for more information on the Antwerp City Pass

Ghent City Pass: Citycard Gent

Ghent has without any doubt the best City Pass in Belgium. The Citycard Gent gives you acces to all the sights, monuments and museums in Ghent. It even includes all modes of transport, including (water)tram, bus, bicycle and boats!

Gent Citycard

Citycard Gent prices

  • 48 Hours – €42
  • 72 Hours – €48

Is the Citycard Gent Worth It?

The Gent tourist board made it real easy to answer this question. Simply follow this link to their website and plan your city break by clicking the hearts. The website will calculate automatically how much you save. Isn’t that a great feature?

Where to buy the Citycard Gent?

There are numerous salespoints for the Citygard Gent throughout the city. These salespoints include:

  • The VisitGent Tourist Office, Sint-Veerleplein 5, Gent
  • All participating museums and sights
  • All romantic and trendy Ghent Hotels
  • All sales points of “De Lijn” public transport company in Ghent

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