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Visit Blankenberge

Blankenberge is one of Belgium’s most popular seaside resorts. From mid 19th century up to the second World War, Blankenberge was a luxurious seaside resort for royalties and the rich upper class. After most buildings got destroyed during World War II, they made place for more affordable accommodations and campsites. Since the 1970’s up to current date, Blankenberge is one of Belgium’s favorite and affordable seaside resorts to visit.

Travel to Blankenberge

The Blankenberge Railway Station serves many direct trains from several major cities in Belgium including, Bruges, Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp. For more information consult the Belgium Public Transport Guide:

Getting around in Blankenberge

The Coast Tram is a public transport service connecting the cities and towns along the entire Belgian coast, between De Panne and Knokke-Heist. Runs every 10 mins during summer, every 15 minutes during autumn and spring and every 20 minutes during winter.

There are 4 stops in Blankenberghe: Markt, Train Station, Pier, Sea Life and Duinse Polders

List of stops:

Things to see and do in Blankenberge:

  • Walk on the 350m long, art-deco pier
  • Enjoy the broad sandy beach
  • Visit the casino
  • Explore the surrounding sand dunes