The province of Luxembourg is the most southern province of Belgium. It should not be mistaken with the  Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the separate neighboring country. Although being significantly larger in size, our province of Luxemburg is far less populated. 80% of the provinces territory is part of the dense forests of the Ardennes region. Luxembourg province is located in Wallonia and therefore the spoken language is French.


Popular destinations in Luxembourg

Bouillon is a small historical city, located in the meander of the Semois river. It’s famous for the medieval castle that was home to Godfried of Bouillon, a famous cruisader.

Durbuy calls itself “the smallest city in the world”, and after exploring this tiny romantic medieval city you will understand why. The beautiful surroundings of Durbuy offer many forms of recreation.

La Roche en Ardenne is a small historic city, famous for it’s ancient castle that overlooks the city from the cliff.

Vielsalm is located near Lake “Lac des Doyards”. It’s surroundings are known for their cliffs, forests and hills.

Getting around

  • National trains are operated by SNCB/NMBS.
  • Local buses are operated by TEC