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Vielsalm Travel Guide

Vielsalm is a municipal in the province of Luxembourg. It’s located in the Ardennes region, with Baraque Fraiture as the highest point within the municipal boundaries. During summer times it’s a popular destination for holidays in the Ardennes, where during the winter it’s one of the places for winter sports.


Discover Vielsalm

Things to see & do in Vielsalm:

  • Relax at Lake Les Doyards
  • Visit the museum of the “Vallée du Salm”
  • Go hiking to the “Rocher Bec du Corbeau”
  • Visit the coticule museum

Things to see & do near Vielsalm

  • Visit the abbey of Stavelot
  • Visit the waterfalls of Coo
  • Visit the Plopsa Coo themepark
  • Visit the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps