De Teut in Zonhoven: A beautiful heathland in the center of Limburg

Nature reserve “De Teut” is located in Zonhoven and mainly consists out of heatland. Combined with the neighboring nature reserve “Ter Haagdoorn” in Houthalen-Helchteren, it’s the largest heatland in Limburg, covering 1700 ha. Starting from mid August up to mid September, the heather starts blooming, transforming the landscape into a pink picturesque scenery.


Nature reserve “De Teut” is located exactly in the geographical center of the province of Limburg in the municipality of Zonhoven. The E313 borders De Teut on the north, dividing it from nature reserve “Terhaagdoorn”.

Nature and wildlife

De Teut is the largest heathland in Central Limburg, Belgium. The area is a paradise for nature lovers, with a variety of flora and fauna to discover. A large flock of sheep grazes the heathland, helping to keep it in good condition. On the heathland of De Teut, you can find the carnivorous plant sundew. Sundew is a special plant that catches insects with sticky leaves.

Archeological sites

In the De Teut nature reserve in Zonhoven, Belgium, there are two important archaeological sites. The reindeer hunting camp, a former campsite of nomadic reindeer hunters, and the “Holsteen”, a place for these hunters where they came to polish their stone objects, among other things. Both archaeological sites are protected and unique in Flanders.

Holsteen at De Teut

Best time to visit

De Teut can be visited all year long. From mid-august to mid-september the heather is blooming, covering the landscape with a beautiful purple carpet. Personally I make sure to visit De Teut every year around the 1st of september, when it’s beauty is at it’s peak.

Hiking Trails at De Teut

There are 4 different hiking trails leading through the beautiful heatland of “De Teut”. Visitors can choose from 2 different starting places: Donderslagseweg or Holsteenbron.

  • The blue hiking route starts at Donderslagseweg and is 3.2km long.
  • The green hiking route starts at Donderslagseweg and is 4.3km long.
  • The yellow hiking route starts at Holsteenbron and is 5.8km long.
  • The black long distance hiking trail of 24.4km connects “De Teut” with “Terhaagdoornheide” on the other side of the highway. You can enter this trail from all starting points at “De Teut” as wel as “Terhaagdoornheide”.

Where to stay nearby


Enjoy the typical Limburg Hospitality at a Bed & Breakfast. We recommend staying at B&B 1001 Nacht or B&B Casa Roman.


Wildcamping is forbidden at De Teut. However you can find a campsite closely near the “Holsteenbron” starting point, called “Camping Holsteenbron“.Aside from traditional camping grounds for caravans, motorhomes and tents, the camping also offers pods and small bungalows for travelers. The campsite is open from April 1st until November 6th.

More things to see & do nearby

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  • Nature reserve “De Wijers”
  • C-mine Genk

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