Zeebrugge is a Belgian Port and seaside resort. The port is connected to Brugge (Bruges) by the Baudouin Canal. Aside from the large port, Zeebrugge has a tiny but charming town centre, a lovely sand beach,  a peaceful marina with several apartments for rent and much more to offer. 

Where is Zeebrugge?

Zeebrugge is located at the Belgian Coast and is part of the municipality Brugge (Bruges), in the province of West-Flanders, in the Flanders Region. The distance from the Zeebrugge Ferry Terminal, to the center of Bruges is only 17 km / 10 miles.

Zeebrugge Port

Zeebrugge Port

Nestled on the North Sea coast, the Port of Zeebrugge, also known as the Port of Bruges or Bruges Seaport, is a bustling maritime hub with a remarkable annual cargo handling capacity of over 50 million tonnes. This multifaceted port caters to a diverse range of cargo, including containers, bulk goods, new vehicles, and passenger ferries. Its strategic location and well-established road and rail connections, spanning across Continental Europe, provide seamless accessibility to neighboring countries.

Zeebrugge Cruise Port Terminal

Zeebrugge serves as a vibrant cruise port, welcoming a multitude of cruise ships traversing Northern European itineraries. Its newly constructed cruise terminal caters to the growing demand for cruise start and end activities, further enhancing Zeebrugge’s position as a popular cruise destination.

Located just 17 kilometers from the enchanting city of Bruges, a renowned center of Flemish culture and architecture, Zeebrugge offers seamless access to this captivating destination.

Zeebrugge Ferry Terminal

In the past, Zeebrugge had passenger ferry line connections with the UK. Currently there are no active ferry lines to Zeebrugge. However, a study is being performed to re-open the Zeebrugge – Rosyth line for passengers.

Since 1 januari 2021, the ferry route between Hull and Zeebrugge closed down.

Discover Zeebrugge

The small old town center of Zeebrugge is surrounded by the port industries. Despite that, Zeebrugge has a a lovely marina with café’s and restaurants, and a lovely sandy beach with hotels and dunes.

Zeebrugge Beach

Zeebrugge Beach and Dunes

Stretching west from the port, Zeebrugge Beach offers a vast expanse of sandy shores lined with a charming Belgian beach promenade, punctuated by picturesque dunes. A nature reserve named “De Fonteintjes” adorns the beach’s edge, providing a haven for diverse flora and fauna.

Visitors can make lovely walks on the beach, to the nearby town of Blankenberge, located approximately 5km west of Zeebrugge. From there you can travel back using the coastal tram.

Seafront Zeebrugge

Once a thriving fishing hub, Zeebrugge has transformed its historic buildings into a dynamic maritime destination, Seafront Zeebrugge. This vibrant space seamlessly blends history, culture, and leisure, offering a captivating experience for visitors of all ages.

Step back in time as you explore the repurposed structures, once bustling with the activity of fishing boats and merchants. Now, these spaces house a maritime museum, a hub for cultural events and popup shops, and an indoor bouldering arena, adding a touch of adventure to the mix.

Getting around at Zeebrugge

The coastal tram will bring you to any location at the belgian coast for 3€. Bruges is only 20km’s away and a single bus ticket costs only 3€ 

Where to stay in Zeebrugge

Compared with other Belgian seaside resorts, there aren’t many hotels in Zeebrugge. At the beach quarter, travelers can opt for the Hotel Monaco, whilst near the fishing harbor area travelers can opt for the Ibis Styles. When it comes to apartments and holiday rentals, there’s a broader choice available. However the amount of accommodations with seaside view are limited and mostly reserved for long term rentals.

Use the map widget below to find your accommodation in or near Zeebrugge. Make sure to have a look at the neighboring towns of Blankenberge and Knokke-Heist as well.