How to Travel to Belgium from The Netherlands

Embarking on a journey from the Netherlands to Belgium opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-timer, the convenience and charm of train travel, especially with IC Trains and Eurostar, make it an adventure worth experiencing.

Trains from The Netherlands to Belgium

Traveling between Belgium and the Netherlands is a breeze thanks to their exceptional rail network. Whether you’re departing from Amsterdam or Rotterdam, reaching Antwerp, Brussels, or Bruges is a seamless journey. Travelers can opt for either Intercity Trains (IC) or the swift Eurostar high-speed trains. For your convenience, here’s a summary of the key direct trains connecting the Netherlands to Belgium. Once you arrive at these Belgian train stations, you can easily transfer to your final destination, such as Bruges.

Train DetailsFromToDuration
Eurostar TrainAmsterdamAntwerp1h17
IC Train (Direct)AmsterdamAntwerp1h48
Eurostar TrainSchiphol AirportBrussels1h35
Eurostar TrainAmsterdamBrussels1h53
IC Train (Direct)AmsterdamBrussels2h43
IC Train (Direct)RotterdamAntwerp1h11
Direct Trains from The Netherlands to Belgium

Booking Tickets

When it comes to booking your tickets, simplicity is key. Visit our trusted partner, The Train Line, and secure your journey hassle-free. This reliable platform offers a user-friendly interface, providing you with various ticket options and transparent pricing.

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Bus from The Netherlands to Belgium

By far the cheapest option to travel from Amsterdam to Brussels or Antwerp is by using Flixbus. Average ticket prices start at 8€50.

Driving from The Netherlands to Belgium

The E19 highway connects Amsterdam and Rotterdam with Antwerp and Brussels.

FromToDistanceAverage driving time
IJmuiden Ferry TerminalBrussels230km2h40

When traveling from Antwerp to Bruges, taking the E34 highway is often a faster option instead of the E17-E40 connection that’s known for it’s traffic congestion, especially during rush hour.

Daytrips from Amsterdam to Bruges

Do you only have one day to visit Belgium? Then consider making a daytrip to Bruges.

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