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Bouillon Travel Guide

Bouillon Travel Guide

Bouillon, a charming and historical town located in the Ardennes region of Belgium, is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the natural beauty and rich culture of the region. Known for its stunning medieval castle and picturesque setting on the Semois River, Bouillon offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. One of the most famous historical figures from Bouillon is Godfrey of Bouillon who was a medieval knight and one of the leaders of the First Crusade.

Travel to Bouillon

Getting to Bouillon is easy, as the town is located just off of the E25 motorway.The closest trainstation near Bouillon is located in Libramont. From there, bus line 8 will bring you to Bouillon in 45mins.

Highlights in Bouillon: Top Things to See and Do in this Medieval Town

Visit the Castle of Bouillon: Experience Medieval History in the Heart of Wallonia

The castle of Bouillon is one of the most remarkable monuments in the province of Luxemburg in Belgium. It overlooks the town of Bouillon and the river Semois and stands proud on top of a ridge surrounded by trees.

If you’re a bit of a history geek then this castle is a must visit for you! You’ll get a taste of the medieval history of the castle which dates back to 988.

To reach this marvelous piece of architecture you’ll have to hike up the ridge through the small town streets. Once you’ve entered you’ll make your way through a drawbridge and you’ll get to explore the interior of the castle and its fascinating history.

Don’t forget to head down to the basement where you can still take a peek at the former dungeons and torture chamber. You can finish off your visit with a panoramic view over the gardens from the 16th century tower.

Hike to the Belvédère de Bouillon: Enjoy Panoramic Views of the Town from the Lookout Tower

Are you looking for a scenic hiking experience and a breathtaking view of the city? Look no further than the Bouillon Belvédère. This lookout tower stands at a height of 385 meters and offers multiple levels from which to admire the picturesque town below.

The hike to the Belvédère starts at the Pont de Cordemoy, where you’ll follow hiking trail number 7. The trail is steep and winds through the forest for about 30 minutes before reaching the bottom of the tower. Be prepared for a workout as you’ll need to conquer a total of 161 stairs.

If you’re unable to hike the trail, it is possible to reach the Belvédère by car. However, be aware that the road leading up to it is rough and rocky, and may potentially damage your vehicle. For a truly unforgettable experience and to fully appreciate the natural beauty of the area, it is highly recommended to hike the trail.

Wander around Bouillon: Explore the Town Centre and Uncover its Hidden Gems

Visit the Giant’s Tomb (Le tombeau du géant): Take a Hike to this Scenic Viewpoint Overlooking the Semois River.

Le Tombeau du Géant, or the Giant’s Tomb, is a must-see destination for those visiting the picturesque village of Botassart near Bouillon. This panoramic lookout point offers stunning views over one of the meanders of the Semois river and is steeped in legend and history. The name originates from a local Gallic hero who, according to legend, was so tall and strong that he threw himself off the cliffs of Rocher des Gattes rather than be captured by Roman soldiers.

To reach Le Tombeau du Géant, you can drive from Bouillon in about 15 minutes. There are free parking spots available, but they can be crowded during peak season. Motorhomes are permitted to park during the day, but overnight parking is not allowed. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Bouillon to Botassart, and then walk for 20 minutes to the lookout point.

For a more active option, consider taking a medium hike from Bouillon to Le Tombeau du Géant. The total distance of the hike is around 13km and offers the chance to experience the natural beauty of the area.

For more info, maps and the hiking route: check the page about “The Giants Tomb