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Bouillon Travel Guide

In the Middle Ages Bouillon was a lordship within the Duchy of Lower Lorraine and the principal seat of the Ardennes-Bouillon dynasty in the 10th and 11th century.  In the 11th century they dominated the area, and held the ducal title along with many other titles in the region. Bouillon was the location of the ducal mint and the dominant urban concentration in the dukes’ possession. The most famous of the Lords of Bouillon was Godfrey of Bouillon, a leader of the First Crusade and the first ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Travel to Bouillon

Bouillon and it’s surroundings are a classic destination for car-travels and camping trips in the Ardennes region.

Trains to Bouillon:

The closest trainstation near Bouillon is located in Libramont. From there, bus line 8 will bring you to Bouillon in 45mins.

Highlights in Bouillon

Bouillon Castle