Winter Sports in Belgium: The best places to go skiing and snowboarding
Winter Sports in Belgium: The best places to go skiing and snowboarding

Winter Sports in Belgium: The best places to go skiing and snowboarding

Belgium may not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking of winter sports, but it actually offers a variety of options for those who enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing. While the country doesn’t have the towering peaks of the Alps, it does have several ski resorts located in the Ardennes region, which is known for its rolling hills and forests.

Honestly you shouldn’t travel to Belgium purely for it’s winter sports, since you’re way better off in France, Italy or Swiss where snow is guaranteed. That being said, when there IS enough snow in Belgium and the ski resorts open up, you should definitely consider the option.

Quick Answers

Alpine Skiing in Belgium

For those seeking the thrill of downhill skiing, Belgium’s alpine slopes, though limited in number, provide an ideal setting for beginners and families. These gentle slopes, typically opening with a modest snowpack of 10cm, offer a safe and enjoyable learning environment. Gear rental is readily available, and ski passes can be purchased separately, granting access to trails and lifts.

Baraque de FraitureVielsalm651mYes3350m, 700m, 1000m3
Club de Ski AlpinOvifat615mNo2400m, 600m4
 Le MontyLierneux510mNo2600m, 800m2
Thier des RexhonsSpa550mYes1600m1
Mont Des BrumesFrancorchamps530mNo2150m, 850m4
Val de WanneTrois-Ponts480mno2500m, 1000m 2

Snowboarding in Belgium

Snowboarding enthusiasts will find their niche at Baraque de Fraiture in Vielsalm and Thier des Rexhons in Spa, where snowboarding is allowed.

Cross-country skiing in Belgium

Cross-country skiing is a form of skiing in which skiers traverse snow-covered terrain without the use of ski lifts. Unlike alpine skiing, which is primarily done downhill, cross-country skiing can be done on flat or hilly terrain. This form of Skiing is quite popular in the Belgian Ardennes and High Fens region. When the conditions are right, several cross-country trails will open up.

Signal de BotrangeWeismes55km, 6km, 7km, 15km, 20km
Ski Baraque MichelJalhay55km, 6km, 7km, 15km, 20km
HerzeböschElzenborn42km, 5km, 9km, 14km
Val de WanneTrois-Ponts23km, 8km
Mont SpinetteMalmedy24km, 11km
Ski Centre WorrikenBütgenbach42km, 4km, 6km, 8km
Ski Club WeywertzBütgenbach52km, 4km, 6km, 8km, 13km
Ski Haus TernellEupen33km, 5km, 11km
Ski Hutte MertensRocherath33km, 6km, 13km
Ski Roth TombergSankt-Vith42km, 5km, 9km, 12km
Hotel ShroëderLosheimergraben 35km, 8km, 12km
Ski Manderfeld – Auf dem BiertManderfeld32km, 4km, 6km

 Belgium Ski resorts map

Belgium Ski Resorts Overview

Belgium has six alpine ski areas, all located in the Ardennes region. They are not like the large ski resorts you would find in the Alps. The slopes are short and relatively easy, so they are best suited for beginners or families with young children.

Many Belgian Ski-Resorts don’t have English translations on their websites. Some are even only promoted in French or German. During my research I stumbled on several inactive or outdated websites. The list below consists out of confirmed ski-resorts that will open up during the winter off 2023-2024 when there’s enough snow.

Always check the website or facebook of the ski-resort first to know IF and WHEN it’s open.

Baraque de Fraiture

Baraque de Fraiture is the highest alpine ski resort in Belgium, located at the Plateau des Tailles in Vielsalm, about 654m above sea level. The resort has 3 ski slopes and 4 cross-country trails, snowboarding is also allowed here. All trails are suitable for beginners and families. Due to it’s location next to the E25 highway, Baraque de Fraiture is easily accessible by car.

Gear can be rented at Ski-Action closely nearby. Due to the popularity of this ski resort, the queues at the gear rental can get quite long in my experience, so make sure to arrive early. Also, don’t forget to test your gear first at the location, before heading to the ski-slopes.

Alpine Ski: 350m, 800m, 1000m
Cross-country ski: 3km, 7km, 14km and 21km.
Snowboarding: Yes
Sledding: Yes
Gear Rental: Yes
Website Ski Botrange
Webcam Baraque Fraiture

Signal de Botrange

Signal de Botrange is located in the center of the beautiful High Fens region and is the highest point in Belgium (695m). Unlike you’d suspect it’s a plateau and not a mountaintop, ruling out alpine skiing. However, for cross-country skiing it’s a fantastic location.

There are 3 different cross-country trails of respectively 5km, 6km and 7km. It’s possible to combine this trails, giving you the option to create a connection of 15km and 20km.

Tip: If you want to go Alpine Skiing nearby, check out Ski Club Alpine Ovifat.

Alpine Ski: no
Cross-country ski: 5km, 6km, 7km, 15km, 20km
Snowboarding: no
Sledding: no
Gear Rental: Yes
Website Ski Botrange
Webcam Signal de Botrange

Val de Wanne

Nestled in the picturesque Belgian town of Trois-Ponts, Val de Wanne is a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. Thrill-seekers can conquer the longest alpine ski slope in Belgium, stretching an impressive 1 kilometer, while those seeking a more leisurely pace can enjoy the shorter 500-meter slope. Cross-country skiers also have their pick of two trails, measuring 3 kilometers and 8 kilometers, respectively. And for families with young children, there’s the added bonus of free sledding! So, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a laid-back adventurer, Val de Wanne has something for everyone.

Alpine Ski: 500m, 1000m
Cross-country ski: 3km, 8km
Snowboarding: no
Sledding: Yes, free
Gear Rental: Yes
Website only in Dutch and French.


Herzebösch is located in the german-speaking part of Belgium in the town of Elzenborn. This ski resort is completely focussed on cross-country skiing, offering 4 cross-country trails of respectively 2km, 5km, 9km and 14km. There is even a dedicated training trail, which makes it a great choice for first-timers.

The Herzebösch Ski Centre is known for its perfectly groomed slopes. Not only are the cross-country trails always perfectly groomed, but the snow is also prepared on all slopes for skate ski’s. A snow groomer was specifically purchased from Austria for this purpose, which is unique in Belgium.

Alpine Ski: no
Cross-country ski: 2km, 5km, 9km, 14km
Snowboarding: no
Sledding: no
Gear Rental: Yes
Website only in German

Ski Alpin Ovifat

Nestled in the picturesque High Fens, Ski Alpin Ovifat offers three Alpine ski slopes catering to a range of abilities. The green slope, ideal for beginners, provides a gentle introduction to skiing. The blue slope, stretching 600 meters, offers a more challenging experience for intermediate skiers. And for those seeking a true adrenaline rush, Ski Alpin Ovifat boasts Belgium’s only red slope, a thrilling 400-meter run with an inclination ranging from 15 to 80%.

Alpine Ski: 3 slopes, 400m and 600m, inclination up to 80%
Cross-country ski: no
Snowboarding: no
Sledding: Yes
Gear Rental: Yes
Website only in Dutch, French and German

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