Chateau Crupet: The smallest castle in the Belgium Ardennes

Chateau Crupet, also known as Carondelet Castle, is a medieval moated donjon or fortified farmhouse located in the village of Crupet, Wallonia, Belgium. It stands in a little lake and is connected to its bailey by a stone arched bridge. This historical landmark is one of the most perfect and best-preserved tower house castles outside of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Chateau Crupet

History of Chateau Crupet

Chateau Crupet was built in the 11th or 12th century. Originally, it was a squat keep with three floors made of limestone and equipped with battlements and a wall walk. Later on, during the 16th century, it was transformed into a castle farm. The transformation included several additions, such as a stair tower on its corner, an extra floor with a new roof, and Renaissance-style windows. While the origins of the castle are unknown, the lords of the castle later became vassals of Liège. Ownership and preservation efforts over the years have helped maintain the castle’s historical significance.

Location & Getting There

Chateau Crupet is located in the village of Crupet, in the province of Namur, Wallonia, Belgium. The village is situated in a valley along the river Bocq, surrounded by hills and forests, and is easily accessible by car or public transportation. The village of Crupet is known as one of the prettiest villages in Wallonia and offers breathtaking and idyllic views, making it a popular destination for tourists.

Visitors can take bus line 128 from Namur to reach Chateau Crupet. Those traveling by car should set their GPS to Rue Basse 27, 5332 Assesse, Belgium.

Visiting Chateau Crupet

While visitors cannot enter the castle itself, they can still enjoy the beauty and history of Chateau Crupet by viewing it from the public road. The castle’s exterior offers unique views and photo opportunities. Nearby attractions and activities include hiking, biking, and enjoying the local cuisine.

Chateau Crupet


Chateau Crupet is a must-see destination to include on your Ardennes road trip. While visitors cannot enter the castle itself, they can still admire its beauty and unique design from the public road. The castle’s rich history and stunning landscape make it a popular attraction in Belgium. I encourage readers to plan a visit and explore the village of Crupet, known as the prettiest village in Belgium!

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